Good question!

Well, erm, I’m a Brand Strategist! And that means I’m here to help you discover everything you need to know about your business to create a consistent and authentic message, and connect with those customers who are waiting to become your Tribe of loyal fans. You can use my blogs, FB lives, webinars, self-study courses, group ‘Mastermind’ coaching programmes and 1:1 coaching programmes to get to grips with:

  • who your Ideal Customers are (and who they’re not)
  • your authentic Vision (and what it means to your brand)
  • how your Values can help you connect with your Tribe (they’re out there waiting!)
  • how to create a simple Big Idea that sums up your business (easier said than done!)
  • how to stand out from your Competitors (and sweep up the customers they leave behind)
  • the real value of Authenticity (and how it can make or break a business)
  • your Brand Brief, the essential document every successful business needs



I’m also ready and waiting to create your authentic and coherent

  • Brand Identity including…
    • Main Logo design: your signature, your business, visualised
    • Brandmark: ideal for watermarking, using on packaging and as a ‘stamp’ for your business
    • At least two textures or patterns: for use across your branding touchpoints, perfectly matched to the rest of your brand
    • Branding Guidelines PDF: everything in one place, including your colour palette and font references


Everything you need to create a consistent and authentic visual presence.

I’ve created logos and brand identities for hundreds of other businesses and I’ve finally realised that this is where my passion really lies. I’ve built up businesses for myself but, once that initial buzz of fleshing out the idea, creating the brand strategy, and designing the brand identity wears off, I start to lose interest (even when the money starts rolling in!). I start searching for the next idea to turn into a reality and then the cycle starts all over again.

So I decided it was time I offered other badass boss ladies a slice of my crazy, creative brain so I can get them set up with everything they need to develop their perfect business; then I get to watch them fly, while I help the next business queen climb that ladder!

So, go have a snoop around the website, check out what’s available and, any questions? Get in touch!

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