Brand Identity Design

£500 on booking, with the remaining £500 due before final files are sent

I love designing brand identities! I know how important it is to ‘get’ what your business is all about and I take huge pride in each and every brand identity that I create.

After I’ve received your order I’ll send you a questionnaire and follow up with a call for all your ideas. From there, I’ll create at least three design concepts for inspiration, then work with you come up with a brand identity you love. I’ll send your first proof within a few days of your booking date, then you’ll instruct me on where you’d like to take the design next. After a second proof, you’ll be focussing on one design, and the third proof is a final chance to make changes to perfect your logo!


A lot of research, time and effort is put into my brand identity designs; I create logos and all elements from scratch, incorporating all your ideas and making sure every aspect is relevant to your business. I’m a skilled artist (watercolour is my preferred medium!) and I’m proficient in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, drawing vectors from scratch by hand within these programmes (although I may also license a pre-drawn vector graphic if it’s perfect for your design, or use one for the base of a design. I’m always happy to be completely transparent about this, so feel free to ask!). I also have an ever growing list of licensed fonts; I’m happy to use fonts that you suggest, as long as they are fully licensed or commercially free fonts.

I don’t charge you by the hour either; when you book (by selecting the Monday you’d like to start your work on), I’ll block out a whole three week period for your design work. As I’m often very busy with other clients, I do require commitment from you to get back to me with feedback and revisions within hours rather than days, but that means you’ll have your main logo design within a few weeks of your start date! If the design work does run over your allocated week for any reason, I may need to re-book the completion for my next available time slot.

The fee includes unlimited revisions, plus final files including files for use on business cards and flyers and for use on the internet (JPEG ad PNG), plus a scaleable PDF and an EPS file if required. I’ll also provide you with files suitable for use on social media profiles and pages.

– Initial 1:1 consultation, usually by email (I work bonkers hours, but phone calls can be arranged too!)
– Main Logo design: your signature, your business, visualised
– Brandmark: ideal for watermarking, using on packaging and as a ‘stamp’ for you business)
– At least two textures or patterns: for use across your branding touchpoints, perfectly matched to the rest of your brand
– Branding Guidelines PDF: everything in one place, including your colour palette and font references

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