The Guide To Branding

What This Guide Will Provide

Branding Foundations

To help build the foundations of your brand we will be looking at:

  • Your Big Idea
  • Your Values
  • Your Vision
  • Your Business Personality

Looking at these areas will help you to focus on what your business is really about and help to establish how you want to represent it via your branding.

Branding Checklist

There can be a lot to think about when establishing a brand! I will give you a branding checklist to help you to think about the aspects of your business that will be touched by your brand. It is, afterall, the glue that holds your business together!

Creative Inspiration

I’ll give you some ideas to help get the creative juices flowing, plus ways to record your ideas to make them easy to understand at a later date.

Choosing & Working With Your Designer

Finally, I’ll give you some advice about finding the right designer to work with, plus tips on how to work alongside them to create a brand you love!

What You Need To Do

Grab a note pad, a sharp pencil and a cup of tea and get your thinking cap on! I can provide you with the starting blocks to help create your brand but ultimately, it’s down to you. You’ll need a couple of hours to cover every aspect of this guide. If you’re struggling with any part and the creativity isn’t flowing, feel free to put your pencil down, take a break and come back to it at a later
date. You can’t force it and the true authenticity will only come across if it’s a natural process.

Now, let’s get going!