Including your tailor-made LOGO and full BRANDING KIT, geared exactly to your IDEAL CUSTOMER, delivered straight to your inbox.

Sick of the sight of your logo? Even a little bit embarrassed?

No idea what message you're sending out? Or who you're trying to talk to?

Not even sure where this business is going anymore? If you're cut out for this?!

You CAN build that Tribe of loyal customers - you just need to hit them right in the FEELS: Whisper them sweet nothings with your copy; leave their eyes sparkling with your visuals; make them fall in love with your online presence.

BUT HOW?!? Right? I hear you. There's so much to think about. You just want to make your beautiful stuff (because it *IS* beautiful), you KNOW people will love it (how could they not?!) but it's so difficult to know who you're trying to talk to and what to say.

So I'm going to tell you exactly how to figure that out. I'll tell you who to target, what to say and how to say it. And then I'm going to create a logo that you will make you feel like I've crawled inside your brain, pulled out your internal Pinterest board and smooshed it all together into something you didn't even know you wanted. A visual representation of your business so perfect it will make you cry (Seriously, I'm not proud, but I've done that to people. Happy tears though.)

Can you imagine being so PROUD of your logo, your business card and your Facebook page that you just want to shout about it from the rooftops. And when you do shout about it?


No more 'when I'm ready' or 'when things take off' from you, my lady.


I'm so, so sure that we can get this thing done and get you MOVING, but you *need* to make that decision to GO FOR IT. I can't help you if you don't let me.

The difference with the Brand Clarity programme? You get a definitive end product.

Lots of business coaches promise that their course is the one that will 'turn your business around' or 'turn you into a 6 figure success' (bleurgh!). But with those courses, what do you actually get? Advice, a plan, MORE WORK until you get to see results (and often with more and more investment too, for you to get to your 'first £10k month').

These courses are often unproven too. No real evidence to back up this new kid on the block's claims, apart from the plastic faced testimonials on their super slick landing page (cue cheesy grins and fake platitudes...).

With Brand Clarity you come away with a PROVEN business winner; your Branding Kit; a full brand brief and brand identity, designed by a real graphic designer with nearly 20 years experience, exclusively created from scratch, for you and only you, and delivered to your inbox within 6 weeks.

And you might be thinking 'this all seems a bit OTT, it's only a logo!', let me stop you right there, Sonny Jim! Just about the most important aspect of a business is its brand brief (a summary of your finely honed message) and its brand identity (the visuals created to get that message across). And it's not just me saying that because I want your moolah, oh no, it's 100% and genuinely the case. All the biggest and best super clever business folk agree. If you want to sell your beautiful things to your ideal customer, you need to have a beautiful business that they can take seriously.

Now, I won't bore you with all the colour theory, and buyer psychology and history of design (unless you want me to? Cause I can go on about that shit for DAYS), but rest assured that branding is a pretty big deal, and you're not going to get anywhere with a random logo off Fiverr or something your best friend's brother threw together in Word. Or even, dare I say it, something you made for yourself in Canva 🙊. That's just not going to cut it in the big bad world of business, and you know it!

You need SUBSTANCE. You need to know who your ideal customer is, what your business values are and where your vision will lead you. You need to think about your stakeholders, what message you want to portray and how you can achieve that with your visuals.

It's BIG.

But it's not scary. At least not when it's broken down into baby kitten sized chunks, sprinkled in glitter and presented to you on a shiny branding platter by a shaved headed, slightly hippie and surprisingly Brummie graphic designer lady.

Kate crop
No shiny photo shoots here. Just me. With WINE

Here's what you'll get

With Brand Clarity, I walk you through each and every aspect of the programme, setting you tasks and challenges so you can come up with the vital BOOM moments which all cuddle up together into a cosy little Brand Brief, which l turn into a visual for you to print out and plaster all over your wall/planner/husband. I then use that branding brief to design the perfect (and I mean perfect) brand identity for your business (seriously, someone once said it was like I'd crawled inside their brain).

The beauty with Brand Clarity is, I'm RIGHT THERE with you through the whole planning stage so, when it comes to the design bit, we'll have it nailed without even trying and TA-DA Brand Identity, for you, right there, business ready, in the inbox, all snazzy and shiny and OMGEXCITING.

  • An hour long 1:1 consultation (worth £80)
  • Full Brand Audit, to assess where you are right now (worth £160)
  • Six weeks of lessons, tasks and challenges to help you clarify your Brand vision, values, ideal customer and so much more (worth more than £250)
  • A weekly hour long call to analyse how you've done with that week's tasks followed by my feedback report and additional guidance notes (worth £960)
  • Your Brand Brief; visual representation of all the conclusions we've reached (worth £240), and the document that will inspire me to create your...
  • Brand Identity (worth £1000) including...
  • Main Logo design: your signature, your business, visualised
  • Brandmark: ideal for watermarking, using on packaging and as a ‘stamp’ for your business
  • Submarks: to cement the customer experience and differentiate your product lines or signature services
  • At least two textures or patterns: for use across your branding touchpoints, perfectly matched to the rest of your brand
  • Branding Guidelines PDF: everything in one place, including your colour palette and font references

And THAT, my entrepreneurial friend, is a huge part of what you need for success in business, DONE. None of this manifestation crap. Actual real business stuff, that's proven to work and doesn't require you to spend hours attempting to explain what the heck you've actually just spent your money and time on... 'Well, I got this lovely warm feeling and a list of more work to do...'

“I can't thank you enough Kate for the amazing work you have done for my business - the logo made me cry when I first saw it - just utter perfection and now the website is just fantastic!

You have been a pleasure to work with - I know how picky I am!!!!”

Katie Matthews | Katelin Tiaras

“Kate has created me the perfect logo for my business, I couldn't have asked for more! She was an absolute dream to work with, and somehow knew what I wanted even better than I did myself! Thank you Kate

Rosie Alia Johnson | Rosie Alia Designs

get brand clarity (AND LOGO PRIDE) now for half the usual investment

Apply to work with me for the first intake of this programme for a 50% discount. This programme will normally be £2000. SERIOUSLY. SAVE OVER £1000!

With a start date of Monday 2nd October 2017, you'll still get all the great content and my expertise, but the price is lower because I'll be developing the course structure as we go along, making sure I have included everything I should have and revisiting areas as they come up. How exciting is that? You'll be able to create this programme with me, tell me exactly what you need and I'll bust my balls to deliver. My brand identity design service alone is £1000, and you'll be getting so much more! So that I can give my all to each and every one of you, this option is only available to a maximum of FOUR lucky ladies; after that I'll have the programme structure nailed and it'll be going up to the full investment, but only for limited numbers per intake.

Hi! I'm Kate Molloy

That's me there, in the video, being interviewed at The National Vintage Awards which I founded in 2013 and then sold for thousands just a few years later, after developing the brand beyond expectations.

The NVAs is one of several successful businesses I've built up over the years, ranging from events, magazines, and an online directory, to crafts, website design and business stationery.

I've also created logos and brand identities for hundreds of other businesses and I've finally realised that this is where my passion really lies. I've built up businesses for myself but, once that initial buzz of fleshing out the idea, creating the brand strategy, and designing the brand identity wears off, I start to lose interest (even when the money starts rolling in!). I start searching for the next idea to turn into a reality and then the cycle starts all over again.

So I decided it was time I offered other badass boss ladies a slice of my crazy, creative brain so I can get them set up with everything they need to develop their perfect business; then I get to watch them fly, while I help the next business queen climb that ladder! Hence, Brand Clarity. Perfect, non?!

This is for you if...

  • You can't ADIBE those same old crappy logos you see all over your newsfeed and want something AWESOME for yourself
  • You understand that brand is Queen when it comes to running a successful business and you aren't afraid to face it head on
  • You know your business idea is THE DOGS, but you need some help with the creative shiz, and you want it from an expert

This is not for you if...

  • You're satisfied with a shitty, low res, hash job of a logo, especially if you only have to shell out a fiver
  • You think that branding is an unnecessary expense that makes no difference to how well your business will perform
  • You're sure that all the experts are wrong and branding strategy is a big fat conspiracy

Ready to get going? Get brand clarity (AND LOGO PRIDE) now

Remember, a maximum of FOUR people will have the chance to work with me for the first intake and get a 50% discount.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know you can deliver what you claim?
Don't take my word for it, check out the 5 star reviews on my Facebook page (the count currently stands at 43!).

How much work will I have to do?
That really depends on where you currently are with your business and how much research you need to do. Brand Clarity relies on a lot of research and that can be time consuming. You have to commit to do this work when you sign up (but it's really super fun and I'll be there every step of the way getting all goofy and excited alongside you).

Why do I have to apply, can't I buy straight away?
I only have limited spaces available for Brand Clarity so I need to make sure you're the right fit. If you're not successful in your application, I'll try to give you some pointers to boost your chances next time.

Will it really only take six weeks?
Yes! But you have to put in the work - once you've given me everything I've asked for, I'll take it from there.

Do you offer payment in installments?
I can only take payment in full, to prevent any delays in delivering the full course and to allow me to plough head on into researching your new brand. I have other course options if the full Brand Clarity programme doesn't fit your budget, such as group coaching and self-study courses.

What if Brand Clarity doesn't work for me?
If you do all the work I've asked of you, communicate with me when required and you're not happy with the outcome of Brand Clarity after six weeks of work together, we'll go back and figure where things have gone wrong. I won't stop until you're happy, it's as simple as that. You'll get that perfect brand.

“Kate has undertaken several design projects for my events and shopping fairs business: from flyer design with event sponsorship, to a complete creative re-branding project including website design.

She really ‘got’ what I was after through the brief, and took the time to ensure we refined the ideas until the final concept was exactly what I’d imagined – only better!

She’s a great creative and her standard of service is second-to-none: she’s highly efficient; flexible; incredibly helpful and.... I’ve been absolutely delighted with every aspect of the work Kate has undertaken for me so far, and I will certainly continue to use her services in the future!”

Sakura Fox | Glitzy Events

Ready to get going? Let's Do this thing and get you that pride in your logo

Apply to be one of up to FOUR people to get this 50% discount. SERIOUSLY. SAVE over £1000!

I'll be developing the course structure as we go along, but you'll still get all my expertise and the amazing content. You'll be one of a maximum of FOUR lucky people signing up to this bonkers offer, then it'll ONLY be available at the normal investment of £2000 (and only to limited numbers per intake!).

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