Hey! I’m Kate Molloy. That’s me down there, in the video, being interviewed at The National Vintage Awards which I founded in 2013 and then sold for thousands just a few years later, after developing the brand beyond expectations (skip to 8:25 for my bit…).

The NVAs is one of several successful businesses I’ve built up over the years, ranging from events, magazines, and an online directory, to crafts, website design and business stationery.

I’ve also created logos and brand identities for hundreds of other businesses and I’ve finally realised that this is where my passion really lies. I’ve built up businesses for myself but, once that initial buzz of fleshing out the idea, creating the brand strategy, and designing the brand identity wears off, I start to lose interest (even when the money starts rolling in!). I start searching for the next idea to turn into a reality and then the cycle starts all over again.

So I decided it was time I offered other badass boss ladies a slice of my crazy, creative brain so I can get them set up with everything they need to develop their perfect business; then I get to watch them fly, while I help the next business queen climb that ladder!

I am absolutely dedicated to helping other women build their passion into money making ventures. I understand how hard it is to run a home, look after a family and build your business because I’ve done it myself; I’ve created (and sold) 3 successful businesses. Building a brand can seem like such a daunting task and I aim to remove the mystery and fear and just help you get it done! I’m always happy to answer any question, I’m always learning myself and I know how confusing this stuff is, so don’t be afraid to ask me anything (no matter how simple is seems!).

In my design work, I pride myself on creating brand identities that my clients love. I’m not aiming for a logo that just ‘does the job’. I’m obsessed with colour, pretty things and I’m a huge perfectionist so I simply won’t stop until everything is right, for YOU. I’m not out to make myself look good (I’m really not into attention!). My job is to make you and your business look amazing and when I achieve that, that’s when I know a job is complete.